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Canadian Brain Performance & Neuroplasticity Centre is at the forefront of applying advanced neurotechnology to enhance brain health and cognitive performance. Leveraging state-of-the-art neurotechnology, we offer a suite of services that contribute to understanding, diagnosing, and improving neurological functions.


Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes these innovative tools to study the brain's capacity for change and adaptation - known as neuroplasticity. By offering the latest neurotechnology services, we empower our clients to optimize their brain health and performance, providing customized solutions for a wide range of neurological needs.


Whether for clinical purposes, performance enhancement, or research, our commitment is to deliver cutting-edge neurotechnology services for comprehensive brain health care.


Neurocatch is a revolutionary tool designed to help elite professional athletes and those suffering from cognitive decline due to concussion. It is a cutting-edge technology that allows for the customization of neurorehabilitation in order to help patients reach their desired outcomes. Neurocatch will help you stay ahead of the game and get back to optimal performance.



Video Oculography (VOG) and Video Nystagmography (VNG) are diagnostic tools that capture and analyze eye movements to detect potential balance and ear-related disorders. VOG uses cameras to record eye movements, while VNG specifically studies involuntary eye movements, providing key insights for diagnosing conditions like vertigo and balance disorders.

Senaptec Sports
Vision Station

The Senaptec Sensory Station, a tool assessing and enhancing sensory skills, helps athletes optimize their performance. By measuring attributes like hand-eye coordination and reaction time, it identifies areas for improvement, enabling the creation of personalized training programs for competitive edge.

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Senaptec Training Station

The Senaptec Training Station is the perfect tool for elite athletes, those recovering from a concussion, or those looking to combat the effects of cognitive decline. This cutting edge technology combines cutting edge sensors and advanced analytics to provide an interactive and immersive training experience. With the Senaptec Training Station, users can track their progress and develop the cognitive skills needed to take their performance to the next level.

Neuro Sensorimotor Integration

Neuro Sensorimotor Integration enhances sensory input interpretation and motor response development. By optimizing sensory-motor integration, it helps users perform tasks efficiently, making it ideal for everyday function enhancement and neurological rehabilitation, and aims to streamline movements and actions for improved coordination and balance.

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Virtualis VR

Virtualis offers virtual reality (VR) solutions for rehabilitation, primarily used in physical and occupational therapy. Their VR systems provide immersive environments for patients to perform exercises and tasks, aiding in the recovery from conditions like strokes and traumatic brain injuries. The system personalizes the therapy experience by adjusting task difficulty based on a patient's progress.

RightEye Eye Tracking

RightEye is a company offering eye-tracking technology used in healthcare for diagnosing and planning treatments for neurological conditions, in sports for evaluating and improving athletes' visual tracking abilities, and in vision training to enhance skills needed for tasks like reading. The technology uses a specialized camera system to track eye movement in response to visual stimuli, providing valuable insights into cognitive function and overall neurological health.



BrainTap Technologies provides a neuro-development tool, the BrainTap headset, designed to balance brain wave activity, reduce stress, and improve mental clarity and sleep quality. Utilizing light and sound therapy through brainwave entrainment, the headset is used by individuals, clinicians, and wellness providers for stress reduction, sleep improvement, enhanced meditation, increased energy, and improved cognitive function.

C3Logix Concussion Assessment

C3 Logix, developed by the Cleveland Clinic, is a portable, iPad-based concussion management system. It conducts cognitive, balance, and vision tests to assess and track concussion symptoms and recovery. The software also assists in administrative aspects of concussion care like documentation and scheduling, facilitating the monitoring of a patient's recovery process by healthcare professionals.


Biocom 4500 HRV

The Biocom 4500 HRV uses cutting edge technology to give us the ability to measure parasympathetic and sympathetic activities and assess the autonomic balance in the body i.e. it provides the means for a quick evaluation of the autonomic nervous system's regulatory function. It allows for quick design of the HRV evaluation protocols of any number of test trials to accommodate to any research or assessment needs.

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