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Brain Performance

Sports Performance

Sports performance is based on an athlete’s ability to use his/her senses to interpret and execute the appropriate actions to ultimately achieve the desired outcome: First Place! 

The brain controls ALL actions. An optimal brain activation creates a better sensory integration from the environment to process that sensation accurately and respond to that sensation with fast muscle action, quick reflexes, and superior coordination. When performing at an elite level, milliseconds matter. All athletes should consider a Functional Brain Analysis to ensure optimum performance.

Cutting-edge technology, such as Sensorimotor Multi-Axial Rotational Therapy (also known as Gyrostim), allows our physicians and therapists to assess the deficiencies of certain brain reflexes in milliseconds and provide therapies that change the disturbance and optimize the targeted area. 

Cognitive Performance

Cognitive challenges such as inability to focus, forgetfulness, slowness of thoughts, and fogginess are commonly linked to normal aging as well as metabolic deficiencies. If a person can keep their brain working at a high level, it will decrease the probability of developing these cognitive challenges. We must avoid damage to our cognitive function, like physical (trauma), chemical, and emotional stress, and increase the brain’s function through specific brain exercises or therapies based on individualized assessments. 

At CBP, we analyze our patients’ cognitive abilities using science-based state-of-the-art technology to quantify deficiencies. We then prescribe neuro-cognitive exercises, where our doctors can monitor weekly to analyze patients’ performance. We may utilize PhotoBioModulation technologies (PBM) to enhance the brain’s circulatory pathways while performing cognitive tasks to further create NEUROPLASTICITY.

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