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Aging Brain

Changes in eye movements, balance, coordination, and mild memory loss can be seen years before the advanced cognitive decline is observed. Most often, these signs, seemingly subtle, could be dismissed as “Normal Aging”.


Some serious signs to consider are difficulty navigating social environments, getting lost in familiar neighborhoods, having difficulty with participating in conversations, recalling events, and performing common everyday tasks, among others. These signs may indicate an underlying neurodegenerative disorder associated with memory loss.

The latest neuroscience research shows that mental stimulation can slow the progression and restore declining mental and physical function in patients diagnosed with early and middle-stage dementia. This is achieved by exercising the brain using a multi-sensory approach to improve neural pathways. With advanced technologies and breakthrough therapies, we work closely with our patients to create an individualized treatment plan, along with home exercises to combat neurodegenerative decline.

If left untreated, symptoms often continue to become more severe over time. Fortunately, targeted brain treatment can help strengthen weakening areas in the brain and restore functionality and quality of life for many suffering individuals. We have demonstrated measurable eye/hand/balance improvements for people with mild to moderate neurodegenerative issues.

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